Works for Chamber Music

Violin Sonata “Autumn” (1997)

Piano Trio no.1 (1997, revised 2013)
dedicated to Davoud Jafari
first performance by “Khayam Trio” (Negar Afazel, Athena Eshtiaghi, Hooshyar Khayam)
September 2013 Rudaki Hall, Tehran

Cello Sonata no.1 “Winter” (1998) 
first performance by
Aram Talalyan, cello
Juilliet Vartanyan, piano

Cello Sonata no.2 “Chang” (2003)
first performance by
Wayne Foster-Smith and Hooshyar Khayam, Berlin 2007
featured in “Clouds” (Hermes Records 2010)

Two Pieces for Wind Ensemble (2005)

Kubeh (2006)
(For String Octet)

A Proper Opening (2007)
(for string quintet)
Premiered by Talalyan String Ensemble, 2010 Yerevan

Die Feen von Neukölln (2007)
for violin and harp
commissioned and premiered by Eva-Christina Schonweiss and Kirsten Ecke

“Jala”  (2009)
(Piano Quintet)
Tribute to Rouhollah Khaleghi (Iranian Composer, 1906 – 1965)

Piano Trio no.2 “I Waited for You in Rain” (2010)
first prize “Franz Schubert Und Musik der Moderne” international composition competition (2011)

Arco de Luna (2010)
(for two violins)

String Quartet no.1 “In the Whiteness of Our City” (2011)
in one movement

Rhapsody for Clarinet and Piano (2012)
commissioned and premiered by
Todd Palmer, clarinet
Stephen Prutsman, piano
Spoleto Festival (2012)

String Quartet no.2 “Monir” (2013)
Premiered by Kronos Quartet
intended as soundtrack to the documentary film “Monir” (to be featured 2014)
on life and works of the contemporary Iranian artist Monir Farmanfarmaian
directed by Bahman Kiarostami

Garden I (2013)
(for viola and guitar)
premiered by Isabel Villanueva and Golfam Khayam
2013, Rudaki Hall, Tehran.

Garden II (2013)
(for cello and piano)
premiered by Anja Lechner (ECM artist) and Artur Avanesov
February 2013, Eyvan-e Shams Hall, Tehran.

Garden III (2014)
(for cello solo)

String Quartet no.3 “On the Seashore” (2014)
Tribute to Tigran Mansurian

String Quartet no.4 (2017)


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