hooshyar khayam

Composer | Pianist | Producer


Verses Of The Night

Verses Of The Night (Selected Piano music) Contemporary Music Records 2011, New Edition : Tehran Records 2018 TR- 10 (Will be announced soon)


Sea’s Seven Days (a seven movement piece for piano) in loving memory of Ne’mat Haghighi Contemporary Music Records 2010, New Edition : Tehran Records 2018 TR-09 (Will be announced soon)


Strings “concerto for cello and string orchestra”(2009) and other music for strings, Hermes Records 2012, New Edition : Tehran Records 2018 TR- 08 (Will be announced soon)


Tatari Music for piano Hermes Records 2007 New Edition Tehran Records 2018 TR- 07 (Will be announced soon)


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“God of Rakhsh” (Book of kings Retold) Based on Shahnameh Ferdowsi Music by Hooshyar Khayam Narration by Amirhossein Mahoozi Featuring paintings by Ali Akbar Sadeghi Incited by Laily Mahoozi Tehran Records (2018) [click here]

“Terra” (Selected World Poetry) Ahmad Poori and Hooshyar Khayam Tehran Records (2017) [click here]

“Music For Tar and Piano” Milad Mohammadi and Hooshyar Khayam Tehran Records (2017) Best Seller Album on Beeptunes 2017 [click here]


“I Waited for You in Rain” for piano trio 8th International Composition Franz Schubert and Modern Music, Art University Graz, Klangdebuts



Prayers (in collaboration with Dusan Bogdanovic) Vocal Artist: Tara Tiba, Les Editions Doberman-Yppan, May 2011.


Verses in the Wind (Seven Sonnets for voice and piano) in collaboration with vocal artist Farzaneh Joorabchi Recorded April 2010 Melmax Music publication 2014



All Of You Music for Ney and Piano in collaboration with Amir Eslami (Ney) Hermes Records 2011 (Best Seller Album 2011)


Thousand Acacias (music for violin and piano) Hermes Records 2010



Clouds Collected Contemporary Music of Iran Hermes Records 2008



The Poet Guitar Collection of contemporary Guitar music Performed by Golfam Khayam Ahange Parsian 2008


Other Albums:

Ravi (Improvisation on Music of Dusan Bogdanovic) Golfam Khayam and Siavash Roshan. Recorded in TR Studio, Reza Assadpour and Hooshyar Khayam


Farid Omran Selected Piano Music (Two Volumes) Hooshyar Khayam piano, Mehr Records (under publication)

Mohammadreza Darvishi
Selected Piano Music
Hooshyar Khayam, piano
(will be announced soon)

Karen Keyhani Only That Spark and Nothing More (Selected Chamber Music) Karan Salajegheh and Hooshyar Khayam, piano

Ehsan Saboohi 12 Hayku for Piano



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