Music-Painting I

“Transient Dream” (Music-Painting, project 1)
Original music composed for paintings by artist Pooya Aryanpour
(for mixed voices and tape)
Solo exhibition
May 24 until July 16, 2014
Boom Gallery, Tehran
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The idea of “Music-Painting” was brought forth and developed in number of sessions with a group of contemporary artists in Tehran, initiated and gathered together by the invitation of artist Pooya Aryanpour, with the aim of  proceeding a multi facet art form of music, painting, and visual effects.

The work and sessions resulted into the collaboration in “Transient-Dream”, as the first project in “Music-Painting”.
The musical composition (about 20 minutes long, designed to be looped for four hours) embeds the voice of a solo soprano singer (sung by vocal artist Aida Shahidi) in multi layer recording, accompanied by a compositional process on recorded sounds of nature. The music was continuously accompanied to the paintings during the entire 50 days of the upholding of the exhibition.

The exhibition ended on July 16th with live performance of a new composition by Hooshyar Khayam, featuring Tehran based Shahrzad String Quartet, with computer generated art-form lightning by Ali Panahi.



Puya Aryanpour, Hooshyar Khayam

Pooya Aryanpour, Hooshyar Khayam

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