“Spyker” (new film)

MAJED“Spyker” (2015)
(documentary film)
directed by Majed Neisi
original music by Hooshyar Khayam and Siavash Roshan

In the month August 2014, ISIS (Daesh) killed over 1700 Iraqi soldiers from “Spyker” base. The group’s announcement was made in a series of gruesome photographs uploaded to an ISIS Twitter and website.

A few weeks later, Iranian film director and war documentarian Majed Neisi (b.1981, Ahvaz) took a lonely trip to the region, capturing images and holding interviews with the few survivors and the family members of those who did not survive. Film duration approximately 50 minutes. Original music composed by Hooshyar Khayam and Siavash Roshan. Premiere on January 2015, National TV Channel 4, Iran.


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