hooshyar khayam

Composer | Pianist | Producer

Music to Listen to

excerpt from
“Stained Glass” (2007)
(for piano and string orchestra)

Talalyan String Orchestra
Hooshyar Khayam, piano
Aram Talalyan, conductor
Komitas Chamber Hall, 2010


excerpts from
String Quartet no.2 “Monir” (2013)
Premiered by Kronos Quartet
March 29, 2013. Women’s Audio Mission San Francisco

excerpt 1:

excerpt 2:


excerpts from
“All of You” (Hermes Records 2011)

1. “Strum”

2. “Scattered Flowers”


excerpt from
“Stardust” (2003)
(set of four songs on poems by Maryam Schumacher)
Sarah Boltz, mezzo soprano
Hooshyar Khayam, piano
live performance, Werner Hall, CCM, University of Cincinnati, 2003


excerpt from
“Transient Dream” (Music-Painting, project 1)
Original music composed for paintings by artist Pooya Aryanpour
(for mixed voices and tape)
Solo exhibition
May 24 until July 16, 2014
Boom Gallery, Tehran

excerpt from
“God of Rakhsh” 2018 (recorded 2015)
Original music composed for Persian solo instruments and Symphony orchestra intended as an audio book based on “Shahnameh” (the Book of Kings) by poet Ferdowsi

excerpt from
“Cael” 2018-2019 (recording project)
24 Songs for Two
(for combinations for violin, viola, cello, and piano)


excerpt from
“Wolf and Ox” 2018-2019 (recording project)
In collaboration with Hesam Inanlou (Kamancheh)


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