hooshyar khayam

Composer | Pianist | Producer

God of Rakhsh

God of Rakhsh
The Book of Kings Retold
(Audio Book)
Tehran Records


Part I: “The Heroic Vow”
(from the opening chapter of Shahnameh to Sohrab’s Lament)
71 Tracks, about 600 minutes of narration with music
recorded Fall and Winter 2015, Sazkhaneh Tehran Studio (narration), Studio Hami Haghighi (music)

short description:

Shahnameh, or the “Book of Kings,” is one of the most voluminous epics of entire world literature. It includes 50,000 rhyming couplets. The poet narrates the history of the ancient Persian kings, from the mythology to the conquest of the Arabs in 651 A.D. It was completed around 1010 A.D. by Ferdowsi (935–1020). We have tried to bring the monumental work of Ferdowsi to the attention of all the Persian speakers today, and to guide through the obstacles and difficulties of the language in approaching the fathomless depths of this most pivotal of all Persian literature.

Hooshyar Khayam, music
Amirhosein Mahoozi, narration

featuring paintings by Ali Akbar Sadeghi
Incited by Laily Mahoozi

Bahman Kiarostami, montage

Laily Mahoozi and Hooshyar Khayam

Made possible by kind sponsorship of the board of IDIC in Tehran

Sound by:
Hami Haghighi (music production)
Reza Assadpour (narration)
Graphic design by Sepideh Honarmand

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