hooshyar khayam

Composer | Pianist | Producer

Media Collaborations with Gorg

Dariush Gorgvand (with pen-name “Gorg”) is an Iranian contemporary visual artist and filmmaker. My first collaboration with Gorg took place at Tehran Museum of Contemporary Arts (TMCA), in the live production of “God of Rakhsh”(2018, based on Shahnameh Ferdowsi), followed by “Tehran Bach” (2019) in Vahdat Hall, “Raaz” (2020), and the four short...

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Media Interviews, Productions, Launching

Covering Raaz http://hooshyar-khayam.com/site/wp-content/uploads/2020/12/raazfolder.mp3 Launching of “The Other Side” (2019) at Niavaran Hall, Tehran [Click Here] God of Rakhsh, live in TCMA, a film by Dariush Gorgvand BBC Production, Kalileh at LSCO, a film by Farshad Bayan Audio score from recording “Verses of the Night” Composer’s Union, Retrospective Concert,...

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Media Albums

Strings (2012, 2019) Cael (2018) Music for Tar and Piano (2017) Music for Tar and Piano Sea’s Seven Days (2010) Sea’s Seven Days Thousand Acacias (2010) Second Sonnet of Thousand Acacias Audio score from recording “Verses of the Night” Verses of the Night (2011) Verses of the Night Tatari (2007) Tatari Prayers (2011) Prayers God of Rakhsh (2018)  God of...

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Media Concerts

“The Other Side” Moscow Virtuosi Strings, Maestro Evgeny Bushkov  “Stained Glass” LSCO Strings, Maestro Warren Friesen  “Cello Concerto no.2” LSCO Strings, Alexander Tengesdale “I Waited for You in Rain” Morrison Trio  Tehran Concert, Vahdat Hall 2014, Debussy Preludes  Tehran Concert, Vahdat Hall 2014, Debussy Preludes Tehran Concert,...

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Media Filmography

Monir (2015) Impermanent (2015) Everything is Fine Here (2013) “Monir” (Excerpt)  Cael : SPRC (Excerpt)  Ivanov : Mehr Theater Group (Announce)  Ivanov : Synopsis  Ivanov : On “Censorship”  Impermanent (Excerpt I)  Impermanent (Excerpt II)  Monir : Trailer  With Majed Neisi : On “Life in War”  Everything is Fine...

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