Works for Film, Theater, and Animation

“Mama Irene” (to be premiered 2015)
(feature documentary on the social development of modern Iran since the Second World War)
directed by Mohsen Shahrnazdar
(selected music)

“Migration” (2014)
video art by Pooya Aryanpour
(original music)

“Monir” (2013)
directed by Bahman Kiarostami
(featuring Khayam’s second string quartet, performed by Kronos Quartet)

“Exhale” (2013)
video-art by Pooya Aryanpour
(original music)

“Ivanov” (2012)
(theater production)
directed by Amir Reza Koohestani (Mehr Theater Group) (2012)
(original music)

“Everything Is Fine Here” (2012)
directed by Pourya Azarbayjani
(37th Montreal World Film Festival)
candidate of the year’s best film music, Tehran’s International Video Film Festival, Aug 2014.

“These Days, Those Days” (2011)
(art-documentary film on life of Hormoz Ansari)
directed by Pooya Aryanpour
(original music)

“Two Cold Meals for One” (2009)
(short film)
directed by Amir Azimi
(original music)

“Namayesh” (2003)
animation by Elika Hedayat
(selected music)

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